Augusta Camp live video from 2010 to 2019 will be screened on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.
Enjoy Augusta Camp with Nico Nico every weekend! [NEW]

"Augusta HAND x HAND Online" studio performance & exclusive video will be on air at M-ON!

"Augusta HAND x HAND" release special program will be on air at M-ON!

Collaboration Album "Augusta HAND x HAND" will be released on December 12th (Wednesday)!

  • Winter 2020 Gift from Office Augusta
    ~ Hands and hands that connect the future together ~
    In addition to the regular edition, which contains a total of 9 new songs collaborated by artists belonging to Office Augusta, the limited edition "Augusta HAND x HAND -Winter Gift Box-" will be released.
    In "Augusta HAND x HAND -Winter Gift Box-", in addition to "Augusta HAND x HAND", a selection album "Augusta HEART x HEART" (Augusta HEART x HEART), in which each artist selected one song under the theme of "heart connection" ( How to read: Augusta Heart by Heart), Blu-ray "Augusta and New Normal", which was broadcast on TV from August to September 2020 and contains all four episodes of the documentary program that delivers the artist's present, recording document photo, collaboration A 8-page documentary book with messages to artists, a special gift TV program named after "HAND", etc. will be delivered in Gift Box specifications.

    [Product Information]
    Limited Edition "Augusta HAND x HAND -Winter Gift Box-" (2CD + BD)
    PDCA-1909 ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)
    Limited edition

    Normal board (1CD)
    UMCK-10077 ¥ 2,800 (excluding tax)
    Normal Edition

    ■ Collaboration Album "Augusta HAND x HAND" (common to regular edition and limited edition)
    1. Yuji Ohno x Shintaro Tokita (Sukima Switch) x Fukumi / Singing Love
    2. Seiya Matsumuro x Masayoshi Yamazaki / Compliance of 2 people
    3. Chitose Hajime x Yu Sakai / KAMA KULA
    4. Yuko Araki (MI-GU) × Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL) / Kanai Aishiteru
    5. Yohei Hamabata x Seiya Matsumuro / Rewrite
    6. FAITH × DedachiKenta / Unbreakable
    7. Tomoyuki Nagasawa x Yosuke Sato x Takahiro Shibata (Wasureranneyo) / Wooden song
    8. Kyoko x Yuji Ohno / Fire Treasure
    9. Motohiro Hata x Sukima Switch / Winter is just around the corner!
    All 9 songs

    ■ Selection Album "Augusta HEART x HEART" (Limited Edition only)
    A selection album selected by each artist with the desire to connect with each other, to deliver to you now, and to meet you.
    1. Kyoko / Dear Me
    XNUMX. Masayoshi Yamazaki / Eyes On You
    XNUMX. COIL / I want you to be here
    XNUMX. mi-gu / Please help me because I can't do it alone
    XNUMX. Chitose Hajime / Thanks [CD first recording]
    XNUMX. Sukima Switch / Miraika
    XNUMX. Tomoyuki Nagasawa / Untitled
    XNUMX. Motohiro Hata / Rainsongs
    21. Yu Sakai / XNUMXst Grace
    10. Don't forget / I want to please
    11. Yohei Hamabata / One of my curries in the world (playing talk) [CD first recording]
    12. Seiya Matsumuro / Hajimarino Kane
    13. FAITH / Memory of You
    14. DedachiKenta / Where We Started [CD first recording]

    ■ Blu-ray "Augusta and New Normal" (Limited Edition only)
    Completely recorded all 2020 episodes of the document program "Augusta and New Normal" that delivered the artist's present, which was broadcast on TV from August to September 8!
    A documentary show closely related to the activities of the artists belonging to Office Augusta during the Corona era, and how they will attend the Augusta camp that will be held online in September.
    # 1 Sukima Switch Augusta and New Normal
    # 2 Yu Sakai Augusta and New Normal
    # 3 Masayoshi Yamazaki Augusta and New Normal
    # 4 Motohiro Hata Augusta and New Normal
    (Navigator Kyoko)

    ■ Documentary Book (Limited Edition only)
    A total of 52 pages of recording document photos, messages to collaborative artists, etc. are posted.

    ■ Special Gift (Limited Edition only)
    "HAND x HAND gloves"
    The HAND x HAND gloves in the box are mittens and unisex size.The red string that connects both hands has a length of XNUMX m, which is considered to be the distance of social distance, and can be removed according to the purpose.

    Augusta HAND × HAND special site

Hiroto Nakajima (FM802 DJ) will appear in "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" !!

  • Details of the distribution program "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" announced!
    The program consists of two major axes: studio performance and talk sessions.
    Are there any special projects or gifts from artists that connect with the viewers in real time?
    Check the special website for details on performers, distribution platforms, ticket information, etc. !!

    "Augusta HAND x HAND Online"
    Date: December 2020, 12 (Sun) 13: 17-
    Location: Broadcast program (Streaming +, U-NEXT, Hulu)
    Price: 3,739 yen (tax included)

    MC: Kyoko, Seiya Matsumuro, Hiroto Nakajima (FM802 DJ)
    Live appearances: Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch, Motohiro Hata, Yu Sakai, Yohei Hamabata
    Video appearance: Yuji Ohno x Shintaro Tokita (Sukima Switch) x Fukumimi, Seiya Matsumuro x Masayoshi Yamazaki, Chitose Hajime x Yu Sakai, Yuko Araki (MI-GU) x Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL), Yohei Hamabata x Masaya Matsumuro, FAITH x Dedachi Kenta, Kyoko x Yuji Ohno, Motohiro Hata x Sukima Switch

    ≪Delivery platform≫
    ■ When watching with Streaming +
    <Ticket purchase>

    <OPEN / START>
    16: 30 / 17: 00

    <Archive release>
    Until 12:19 on Saturday, December 23 (There will be times when you cannot see it because it will be re-delivered after the live delivery)

    <Sale period>
    From November 2020, 11 (Monday / holiday) 23:12 to December 00, 12 (Saturday) 19:18

    <Chat / comment function>

    * This performance will be live-streamed on the viewing ticket-based streaming service "Streaming +" operated by E Plus.Please check the URL below for details on how to purchase and view tickets.

    ■ When viewing on U-NEXT
    <Ticket purchase>

    <OPEN / START>
    16: 30 / 17: 00

    <Missed delivery>
    After the live stream is over, as soon as it's ready-until December 2020, 12 (Sat) 19:23

    <Sale period>
    From November 2020, 11 (Monday / holiday) 23:12 to December 00, 12 (Saturday) 19:19

    <Viewable device>
    ・ Smartphone / tablet (U-NEXT app)
    ・ PC (Google Chrome / Firefox / Microsoft Edge / Safari)
    ・ TV (Android TV / Amazon FireTV / FireTV Stick / U-NEXT TV / AirPlay)
    * Delivery consumes up to approximately 1GB of traffic per hour.We recommend watching in a Wi-Fi environment on the day.

    <Purchase method / viewing method / inquiry>

    ■ When viewing on Hulu
    <Ticket purchase>

    <OPEN / START>
    16: 30 / 17: 00

    <Missed delivery>
    After the live stream ends, December 2020, 12 (Monday) 14:19 to December 00, 12 (Saturday) 19:23

    <Sale period>
    November 2020, 11 (Monday / holiday) 23:12 to December 00, 12 (Saturday) 19:19

    <Payment method>
    Credit card

    <Membership registration service required for viewing>
    Please create a Hulu account at the Hulu store and log in to purchase.
    * Free membership registration
    How to purchase / view live-streamed works from the Hulu store
    https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360059043453 You can check on

    <Viewable device>
    Smartphones / tablets, TVs, Blu-ray recorders / players, media players, game consoles
    Click here for details on compatible devices https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360047878553 please confirm.

    <Chat / comment function>

    ■ Contact
    Hulu Customer Support Phone Number (Toll Free / Free): 0120-834-126 * Landline
    Contact: Hulu Customer Support
    Phone number (toll-free, free): 0120-834-126 * From landline
    Phone number (charged): 050-3851-3926 * From a mobile phone
    Reception hours: * Reception hours are at the Help Center
    https://help.hulu.jp/hc/ja/articles/360047839813 Please check from.
    Open all year round (except January 1st)

    ■ Distribution program "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" Special project decided to connect with artists by live phone!

    "Augusta HAND x HAND" project presented by Office Augusta in the winter of 2020.
    The theme of the project is "Hands that connect the future together."In connection with this, a special project to connect fans and artists via live telephone has been decided in the "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" program that will be delivered on December 12th (Sun).
    Therefore, we are soliciting messages from viewers who say "I want to connect with a live phone!"
    Unfortunately, we will pick up and introduce the messages of everyone who was not adopted for live telephones in the program!
    Please read the application guidelines below and apply!

    [Application requirements]
    ○ Follow "Augusta HAND x HAND" Twitter account (@ac_camp)
    ○ Please attach the hashtags "#HAND byHAND" and "#Connected live phone" and tweet about the message theme "My 2020".Anything that is happy, angry, sad, fun, or something that symbolizes your 2020 is OK.

    ~ "My 2020" recruitment example ~
    ● I got married this year, but no one has celebrated it, so I want you to celebrate it!
    ● The housewife business was difficult due to the child's closure and the husband's remote work, so please listen to the accumulated complaints!
    ● I'm preparing to take the exam, but I can't study at home!I want you to blast!
    ● As a medical professional, the work was difficult anyway, so I want you to praise and work hard!

    [Application period]
    From December 2020, 12 (Tuesday) 1:19 to December 00, 12 (Sunday) until the end of live delivery

    [Notes on application]
    ・ Winners will be contacted via a direct message on Twitter, so be sure to follow the designated account (@ac_camp).
    ・ Minors must obtain the consent of their parents before applying.
    ・ For application, you have purchased a distribution viewing ticket for "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" on Sunday, December 12th, and you can be sure to have a conversation over the phone within the distribution time of the program (13: 17-00: 20). We will limit it to those who can.

    [About live phone]
    ・ Calls made from here will not be notified, so please set in advance to cancel "Reject number not notified" of the phone number so that you can pick up the call even without notification.Please note that if you cannot answer the phone or switch to the answering machine, your right to win will be forfeited.
    ・ Performers will be talking on the speakerphone.The staff will also be present to listen to the conversation between the winners and the members.Please note that.
    ・ If there are inappropriate expressions in the content of the conversation (slandering the performers, questions that cannot be answered, etc.), the staff may decide to hang up the phone even during the conversation.Please note.
    ・ It is prohibited to record conversations on the phone by the customer.It is also prohibited to copy or transfer the recorded material (recorded data, etc.), lend it, or distribute it to the Internet or SNS.
    ・ If any of the above prohibited acts is discovered, we will refuse to participate in events related to Office Augusta in the future.

    [Handling and sharing of personal information]
    ・ We will collect the personal information of the winner's email address and phone number when implementing this project.
    ・ Personal information will be strictly managed.The personal information we keep will be used only for this project and will not be used for any other purpose.
    ・ Personal information entrusted to us in order to manage the event smoothly will be shared between Office Augusta Co., Ltd. and Geek Pictures Co., Ltd.In addition, it may be shared with other companies and related parties related to this project.Please note that.

"Augusta Camp 2020" WOWOW Plus will be broadcast exclusively on TV in December!

  • On BS / CS channel "WOWOW Plus" (renamed from "Cinefil WOWOW" on December 2020, 12)
    Broadcast of "Augusta Camp 9 supported by Iichiko" held on September 26th (Sat) & 27th (Sun) has been decided.

    [Program name]
    Augusta Camp 2020 [Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX]
    【Broadcast date and time】
    December 2020 (Detailed date and time will be announced on October 12)
    Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL), Yuko Araki, Chitose Hajime, Sukima Switch
    Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata, Yu Sakai, Yohei Hamabata, Takehara Pistol, Seiya Matsumuro, DedachiKenta
    Newcomer Act: FAITH, Okayuka

Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "I and you" included "Fukubiki ticket" lottery results announced! !!

  • Thank you to everyone who purchased Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "I and you"!
    The enclosed "lucky ticket" lottery was held in "Augusta Camp 2020", but we will announce the winning number and how to redeem the prize again!

    <Deluxe gift contents>
    Special prize: AC2020 [MICHAEL LINNELL x Augusta Camp 2020] SP collaboration shoulder bag x 2
    1st prize: AC2020 bath towel x 5
    2nd prize: AC2020 logo muffler towel / blue x 10 sheets

    [Special Award]

    [1st class]

    [2st class]

    <Product redemption method>
    If you are a winner, please fill out the following required items on your form (regardless of the format) and send it to the address below along with the winning lucky ticket.
    * Must arrive on October 10th (Friday)
    * Prizes will be shipped around the end of November.

    【Necessary matter】
    ・ Name
    ・Shipping address
    ·phone number
    ·mail address

    Universal Music GK
    150th floor of Jingumae Tower Building, 0001-1-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 8-18
    TEL: 03-4586-2333
    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "I and you" lucky ticket winner

    Your personal information will be managed appropriately by Universal Music LLC for the purpose of lottery and prize shipping.
    We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party other than the outsourced company without your consent. (Excluding cases where disclosure is required by law)

"Augusta Camp" 14 years worth of footage delivered at once on Hulu!

Augusta Camp 2020 supported by Iichiko
Held online Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 26th!

  • Performers: Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Okamoto definition (COIL), Yuko Araki, Chitose Moto, Sukima Switch, Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata, Yuu Saikai, Yohei Hamabata, Pistol Takehara, Masaya Matsumuro, DedachiKenta
    Newcomer Act: FAITH (Saturday, September 9 only. Scheduled to appear from around 26:16)
    Newcomer Act from Caroline International: Okayuka (9/27 (Sun) only. Scheduled to appear from around 15:20)

    Augusta Camp 2020 Nice Band
    Day1 Dr. Yuko Araki, G. Shinichiro Fukuda, B. Ken Taneda, Key, Kiyohide Ura, Per, Yuko Takahashi
    Day2 Dr Genta Egawa, Kitaro Nakamura, Vn Koichiro Muroya, Vn Aya Ito, Va Takahiro Enokido, Vc Masami Horizawa

    On Day 1, the performing artists will deliver each song in a band.
    For the first press of Blu-ray & DVD "Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM" I and you ""
    A lottery will be held for the enclosed serial numbered lucky ticket!

    Day2 is a live performance with an acoustic composition centered on playing and talking by the performing artists.
    Enjoy Masayoshi Yamazaki's solo performance, celebrating the 25th anniversary of his debut

Date and time:
■ When viewing on Thumva
・ Augusta Camp 2020 # Day1
Saturday, September 2020, 9 26:15 OPEN / 00:17 START
・ Augusta Camp 2020 # Day2
Sunday, September 2020, 9 27:14 OPEN / 00:16 START
*You can use the group video call and comment function between the viewers on both days from the time of opening.
* Archive release: Tuesday, September 2020, 9 29:18 to Thursday, October 00 10:1

■When viewing on JOYSOUND "Miruhako"
Augusta Camp 2020 # Day2
Sunday, September 2020, 9 27:15 OPEN / 30:16 START
*There will be no live live streaming on Saturday, September 9th #Day26.

[Ticket information]
■ When viewing on Thumva
① Viewing ticket A with goods A ¥5,900 (tax included) Glass & coaster
② Viewing ticket B with goods B ¥5,900 (tax included) Smartphone stand
③ Viewing ticket ¥3,900 (tax included)
* Tickets will be sold separately on "Saturday, September 9th, #Day26" and "Sunday, September 1th, #Day9". Please note that tickets are not sold throughout the day.
*For each viewing ticket with goods, a delivery charge and system usage charge of 1 yen (tax included) will be charged separately.
*Delivery of goods is scheduled around September 9. ※It will be delivered in Sagawa Express.
*A system usage fee of 1 yen (tax included) will be charged separately for each viewing ticket.
*E-plus will send emails regarding "viewing method/ticket code" required for viewing from 9/24 (Thurs.). Please prepare in advance so that you can receive the [@eplus.co.jp] domain.

☆All the ticket buyers with goods will receive "Ichiko new products to be released in September 2020" as a gift!
*Limited to those who were born in 1999 AD or older who purchased the ticket with goods at the fan club member preceded by Thumva or the eplus precedent.
*The drinking of minors is prohibited by law.

☆Augusta Camp 2020 Memorial Ticket will be given to fan club members who have purchased the viewing tickets with items ① and ②.

<<Fan club member precedence>>
Reception period: Saturday, August 2020, 8 1:18 to Sunday, August 00 8:16
Reception ticket: ①~③
Target fan club
・Kyoko Official Fan Club "Kyoko Tsubaki" https://www.ankotsubaki.com/
・Masayoshi Yamazaki Official Fan Club “BOOGIE HOUSE” https://www.boogie-house.com/
・Sukima Switch Official Fan Club “DELUXE” https://www.sukima-de-luxe.com/
・ Motohiro Hata Official Fan Club “Home Ground” https://www.home-ground.tv/
・Mobile Augusta (smartphone) https://sp.augusta-mobile.com/
・Mobile Augusta (feature phone) http://augusta-mobile.com/
・ Augusta Crew https://www.fansnet.jp/augustacrew

≪E-plus precedent≫
Reception period: Monday, June 2020, 8 17:13 to Sunday, September 00 8:23
Reception ticket: ①~③
Reception URL:https://eplus.jp/augustacamp20e/

≪General sale≫
Reception period: Monday, August 2020, 8 24:10-
Reception ticket: ③

Monday, August 2020, 8 24:10 to Tuesday, September 00 9:22

Ticket deli:https://ticket.deli-a.jp/
Monday, August 2020, 8 24:10 to Thursday, September 00 9:30
Monday, August 2020, 8 24:10 to Thursday, September 00 9:30

■When viewing on JOYSOUND "Miruhako"
A "Miruhako" limited Augusta Camp smartphone ring + viewing ticket: 4,800 yen (tax included) / person
B viewing ticket: 2,800 yen (tax included) / person
*Free for children under 3 years old.
*Tickets will only be sold on September 9 (Sun) #Day27.
* Goods include shipping charges.
*A separate system usage fee of 330 yen (tax included) will be charged.
*Please note that some of the video (CM, MV, etc.) during the opening hours cannot be viewed after 14:XNUMX.
*One ticket is required for each person.

"Miruhako" ticket reception: Friday, August 2020, 8 7:13 to Wednesday, August 00, 8:26
Reception URL:https://miruhaco.jp/archives/item/805137/

Please see the event site for details such as precautions regarding tickets and viewing


■ Augusta Camp footage for 2006 years from 2019 to 14 is now available on Hulu! !!

Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"
Blu-ray & DVD will be released on Wednesday, August 8th only for UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE!!
(Order period extended to 7/5!)

  • A luxurious package video product containing the live performance of "Augusta Camp 9" held on September 15th last year and the short film "Boku to Kimi" will be released on Wednesday, August 2019th at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE only It is decided to be done!

    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"

    The annual event "Augusta Camp" where artists belonging to the office Augusta gather together. The 10 performance, which will be the 2019th anniversary of Yu Sakai's major debut, begins with the song "LOVE & LIVE LETTER" that Yuu Saikai wrote for the good ears in 2012, performances full of individuality of each artist, and collaboration unique to Office Augusta. A stage full of highlights was unfolded.
    In addition to the live footage that recorded a lot of that pattern, the main part of the short film "Boku to Kim" made by Office Augusta based on old and new songs, and special footage such as making footage and trailers at the time of shooting were also included, live. It is a luxurious package that allows you to enjoy images and movies all at once.
    In addition, as a privilege, a special number booklet containing a serial number lottery ticket (only for the first press) that wins luxury products and a live photo of Augusta Camp 2019 and a commentary by Masaya Matsumuro of the short film ``Boku to Kimi'' is enclosed. It
    In addition, Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch and Motohiro Hata will be limited to each fan club, and a product with a special sleeve case using carefully selected photos of each artist will be released!
    The products with fan club benefits are limited to UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE-only products made to order.

    -Product Details-
    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"
    Normal Edition 2 Blu-ray (PDXA-1004/5): ¥8,700 (tax excluded)
    Normal Edition 3DVD (PDBA-1006/8): ¥7,700 (tax excluded)
    Fan Club Limited Edition 2 Blu-ray: ¥8,700 (excluding tax)
    Fan Club Limited Edition 3DVD: ¥7,700 (tax excluded)
    *The fan club limited edition includes XNUMX patterns: Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch, and Motohiro Hata.
    *Special sleeve case specifications for each artist
    *The fan club limited edition is a limited build-to-order product.

    -Release date-
    8 month 5 Date (water)
    *UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE limited item

    -Purchase site-
    ■UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE (*No benefits for fan club members)
    Fukumi / Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi" [UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Limited Edition] [DVD]

    Fukumi / Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi" [UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Limited Edition] [Blu-ray]

    -Fan club limited edition / Order period-
    Friday, June 6 5:18 to Sunday, July 00 7:5

    -Fan club limited edition/application site-

    ■Kyoko Official Fan Club "Kyoko Tsubaki"
    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"
    Bonus: Special sleeve case (Kyoko Tsubaki ver.)

    ■ Masayoshi Yamazaki Official Fan Club "BOOGIE HOUSE"
    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"
    Bonus: Special sleeve case (BOOGIE HOUSE ver.)

    ■Sukima Switch Official Fan Club "DELUXE"
    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"
    Bonus: Special sleeve case (DELUXE ver.)

    ■ Motohiro Hata Official Fan Club "Home Ground"
    Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi"
    Bonus: Special sleeve case (Home Ground ver.)

① Augusta Camp 2019 supported by Gulliver
・ Fly Away / DedachiKenta
・Far summer vacation / Kyoko
・Bakumatsu wasshoi / Kyoko with Yuko Araki, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Takuya Ohashi
・Tonight also Hi-Fi / Masaya Matsumuro with Yu Sakai・Sayuri Murakami
・Hagi Marino Bell / Masaya Matsumuro
・Someday it will be a wind / Original Chitose
・Chinese New Year / Former Chitose with Masaya Matsumuro, Sayuri Murakami
・Curtain call / Youhei Hamabata
・Summer is about to end / Yohei Hamabata
・Kimi, Meguru, I / Motohiro Hata with Yuko Araki
・Violet / Motohiro Hata with Yuko Araki
・Sunrise / Sayuri Murakami
・Amezaiku / Sayuri Murakami
・Train run / Yuko Araki with Takehara Pistol
・Gaze☆Daydream / Yu Sakai
・Piano, guitar and love poem (Song) / Yu Sakai with Takuya Ohashi
・Journey / Yu Sakai with Kyoko ・Takuya Ohashi ・Dedachi Kenta
・Mu / Tomoyuki Nagasawa with Kyoko ・Sayuri Murakami
・Akanega Sky / Tomoyuki Nagasawa
・Summer is just around the corner! / Okamoto definition (COIL) with Yuko Araki
・Lavin Fruit Full -Fruit in Love- / Okamoto Definition (COIL) with Yuko Araki
・Youth / Sukima Switch
・Ah Yeah!! / Sukima Switch with Motohiro Hata
・Eyes On You / Masayoshi Yamazaki with Shintaro Tokita
・Plastic Soul / Masayoshi Yamazaki with Kyoko, Chitose Moto, Sayuri Murakami
・Story / Forearm
・Let's go search for star fragments Again / Fukumi

② OFFICE AUGUSTA presents SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi" + bonus footage (making, trailer, etc.)
A short film produced by Office Augusta based on old and new songs.
Each song is used as a motif to describe the intersection of "you and me" in various aspects of life.
Each thought eventually becomes one story and is connected...

<First episode>
Masayoshi Yamazaki "One more time, One more chance" (1997)
Starring: Sho Aoyagi / Kana Kita / others

<Second episode>
Motohiro Hata "The Scale" (2007)
Starring: Kibichi Kobayashi / Riko Nagase / others

<Third episode>
Sukima Switch "Kanade" (2004)
Cast: Wakana Matsumoto / Daikichi Sugawara / others

<Episode XNUMX>
Masaya Matsumuro ``Kaigetsu'' (2018)
Starring: Kana Kita / Sho Aoyagi / others

Director: Hiro Kanai
Screenplay: Kensaku Kojima
Music: Masaya Matsumuro
Ending theme: Yu Saikai "You and Me Sakyoku"

[Enclosed benefits]
① "Fortune ticket with serial number" (only for the first press)
Includes one lucky ticket with a serial number to win luxury products
Product details
Special prize: AC2020 [MICHAEL LINNELL x Augusta Camp 2020] SP collaboration shoulder bag 2 people
1st class: AC2020 bath towel 5 people
2nd prize: AC2020 logo muffler towel / blue 10 people
Lottery method
Augusta Camp 2020 supported by Iichiko
DAY1 (September 9th (Sat)) Lottery held at the performance MC corner

② "Special booklet"
・Introduction of artists performing at "Augusta Camp 2019" (live photos, etc.)
・Introduction of "Boku to Kimi" works (commentary and event report by Masaya Matsumuro)

[Fan club limited edition privilege]
As a purchase privilege exclusive to each fan club member, we will deliver a special sleeve case using carefully selected photos of each artist together with the product.

Bonus: Special sleeve case (Kyoko Tsubaki ver.)
Bonus: Special sleeve case (BOOGIE HOUSE ver.)
Bonus: Special sleeve case (DELUXE ver.)
Bonus: Special sleeve case (Home Ground ver.)

What's New

Augusta Camp live video from 2010 to 2019 will be screened on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.Enjoy Augusta Camp with Nico Nico every weekend!
"Augusta HAND x HAND Online" studio performance & exclusive video will be on air at M-ON!
Hiroto Nakajima (FM802 DJ) will appear in "Augusta HAND x HAND Online"!
Detailed announcement of distribution program "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" & ticket sales start!
Collaboration Album "Augusta HAND x HAND" will be released on December 12th (Wednesday)!
Broadcast program "Augusta HAND x HAND Online" will be held on December 12th!
Collaboration project "Augusta HAND x HAND" project started!
"Augusta Camp 2020" WOWOW Plus will be broadcast exclusively on TV in December!
Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "I and you" included "Fukubiki ticket" lottery results announced! !!
"Augusta Camp 2020 supported by Iichiko" detailed information updated!
Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi" Blu-ray & DVD Augusta Camp C2020 It is decided to hold a lottery for enclosed benefits and lucky tickets at the MC corner in the performance!
"Augusta Camp" 14 years worth of footage delivered at once on Hulu!
"Augusta Camp 2020 supported by Iichiko" will be held online!
Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM "Boku to Kimi" Blu-ray & DVD will be released on UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE exclusively on Wednesday, August 8! (Order period extended to 5/7!)
"Augusta Camp 2018" Live Blu-ray & DVD will be released on August 8!
Limited sale of "Fukumimi 20th Anniversary Gift Box"!
TV on-air information has been updated! Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch, Motohiro Hata will appear in the new CM "God Bubbles Lovers Year End" edition of Suntory "The Premium Malts"!
Fukumi RADIO information has been updated!
Distribution of "Augusta Camp 2018 -20th Anniversary-" program decided!
Fukumi TV information has been updated!
Fukumi Department Store goods are now on sale at Augusta Family club!
Fukumi "August's Dream" has been selected as the theme song for the 50th anniversary special short film "Let's meet under the ferris wheel-Life is like a ferris wheel"!
You can watch the Augusta Camp digest video for a limited time at JOYSOUND's karaoke room!
"Augusta Camp 2018 -20th Anniversary- Presented by The PREMIUM MALT'S" Newcomer Act "HaiRi" and "Katata Dekashita" will appear!
20th anniversary of the formation of Fukumi! "Fukumimi treasure box" enclosed "Fukubiki ticket" lottery results announced!
Information on Fukumi magazine has been updated!
Fukumi formation 20th anniversary album SPECIAL SITE OPEN!!
Fukumi delivery information!
Fukumi "August Dream" MV linked exclusive comments will be serialized on antenna*! (8.20 update)
Fukumimi "storefront DAY" (lottery) will be held at the Ginza Yamano Gakki main store!
Fukumi “August Dream” MUSIC VIDEO MAKING Vol.1 YouTube Augusta Channel is now available!
“Augusta Camp Presents “Singers & Songwriters”” Opening Act will be joined by newcomer HaiRi!
"Fukumi Department Store", an event to celebrate the release of Fukumi's album, will be held at Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store!
Fukumi 20th Anniversary Special Talk Event "Fukumi Roundtable" will be held!
AMANOGUSTA CAMP 2018 at Ginza Yamano Gakki Main Store will be held!
“August Dream” music video GYAO! is now available!
An official playlist that allows you to prepare for the songs of artists who appear at "Augusta Camp 2018" has started to be released on the music streaming service "Spotify"!
"Singer and Songwriter -COIL 20th Anniversary-" jacket photo released!
Fukumi “August Dream” Music Video is now available on YouTube!
"Fukumi" will appear on TBS-based "Music Day" on Saturday, July 7!
Appeared in The Premium Malt's TV-CM "God Bubble Lovers"!
Released on August 2018, 8 Detailed information for the 22th anniversary commemorative album of Fukumi was added!
"ALL TIME BEST ~Fukumimi 20th Anniversary~" jacket photo release!
A luxury box "Fukumi Treasure Box" that is completely made to order! Box design released!
"Augusta Camp Presents “Singers & Songwriters”” will be held!
Appearance at "Nagaoka Rice Millions Festival"!
A special collaboration of "Office Augusta" and "The Premium Malts" has started!
Fukumimi's new song "August's Dream" from "ALL TIME BEST ~Fukumimi 20th Anniversary~" will be aired nationwide!
August 2018, 8 22 titles of the 20th anniversary commemorative album of Fukumi formation will be released at the same time!
NU× Fukumi “Seven Lucky Festival” collaboration goods will be on sale at Augusta Family Club!
Augusta Camp 2018 Eve Festival will be held! & JTB Access Tour acceptance started!
Fukumi “Seven Lucky Festival” special sale event decided!
"NU x Fukumi Collaboration Project" Shichifuku Festival "Hachifuku Festival" 5/2 (Wednesday) Motohiro Hata will appear and hold a special talk event of "Seven Lucky Festival" & a special sale event of the Seven Lucky Festival limited goods will be held!
First release of "Fukumi x Chappy" visual! Additional content to boost the "Seven Lucky Festival" is being decided!
Kyoko's personality JFN series national FM program "Kyoko's Spice Of Life" is renewed from April to Fukumi specifications for a limited time!
NU Chayamachi Plus XNUMXth Anniversary NU x Fukumi Collaboration Project “XNUMX Lucky Festival” will be held!
"Augusta Camp 2018 -20th Anniversary-" will be held!
Distribution release "It's All Right Mama" will be distributed on Thursday, April 2018, 4!
Exclusive distribution of playlist "Office Augusta 25th-Original Selection by G" and "Augusta Camp 2017 short movie" on Apple Music!
"Sapporo Ai no squall white sour GOOD TIME!" In November, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Motohiro Hata, Yu Sakai, Yohei Hamabata, Masaya Matsumuro will appear!
Fukumimi's new song will be the tie-up for the new commercial for Nissin Foods' Ma Ma
The information on the Fukumia website has been updated!
“Sapporo Ai no Squall White Sour GOOD TIME!” In October, former Chitose, Sukima Switch, Motohiro Hata and Masaya Matsumuro appeared!
-Office Augusta 25th Anniversary Festival-"It was 25 years ago today" will be held!
LINE stamps are on sale now!
A new corner "Sapporo Ai no Squall White Sour GOOD TIME!", where Fukumi members will perform for 5 months, has been started in each FM station program in 3 cities nationwide (Hokkaido, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka)!
"YAMANO GUSTA CAMP in SENDAI" will be held!
"Kyoko & Tomoyuki Nagasawa (from Fukumi)" will be the main guests of "RKB Radio Festival 2017"!
Fukumi "Bright / Swing Swing Sing" distribution information updated!
Fukumi "Bright" Music Video is now available on YouTube and GYAO!
Fukumi "Swing Swing Sing" Music Video is now available on major distribution sites!
Fukumi “Swing Swing Sing” Music Video is now available on YouTube and GYAO!
[RADIO] "Fukumi" FM all stations conquered!
Participation prize for "125th anniversary of Yamano musical instrument founding x 25th anniversary of Office Augusta founding" commemorative campaign [Ginza main store 1F store lottery] is decided!
Special live delivery live decision! The stage is home! ?
Campaign and exhibition will be held to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Yamano Gakki x 25th anniversary of Office Augusta.
Fukumi New Single "Bright / Swing Swing Sing" First limited edition DVD "RECORDING DOCUMENTARY" digest video released for a limited time!
Fuji TV system "MUSIC FAIR" appearance decision!
Music video of Fukumi "Swing Swing Sing" featuring Machiko Ono and Osamu Mukai!
Goods sales information at FM802 MEET THE WORLD BEAT 2017 and J-WAVE LIVE SUMMER JAM 2017 supported by antenna*
Fukumi "FM 802 MEET THE WORLD BEAT 2017" will appear!
Fukumi "J-WAVE LIVE SUMMER JAM 2017 supported by antenna*" will appear!
"Augusta Camp 2017" will be held!
Special unit "Fukumi" CD release for the first time in 5 years!
Updated live report information for Augusta Camp 2012 Premium in KOCHI!
"Augusta Camp 2012 Premium in KOCHI Special Digest" is now available on [YouTube Office Augusta Channel]!
Augusta Camp 2012 Updated live report information!
Live report of "Augusta Camp 2012 in YOKOHAMA" on "EMTG MUSIC"!
Fukumimi iTunes distribution information has been updated!
Fukumi "LOVE & LIVE LETTER" Music Video has been released!
Fukumi "LOVE & LIVE LETTER" making video [Part5] has been released!
"LOVE & LIVE LETTER" information has been updated!
Fukumi New Single "LOVE & LIVE LETTER" will be released!
"ALL SONGS MUST PASS-Office Augusta 20th Anniversary BEST-" released today!
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