Held on Saturday, November 9th
"Augusta Camp 2023 -SUKIMASWITCH 20th Anniversary- powered by 360 Reality Audio"

Held on Friday, September 9
"SUKIMASWITCH produce Augusta Camp 2023 Eve Festival"

August 8th (Sat) 19:10-Ticket general sales start!


"Augusta dining room" where you can taste the annual artist devised menu,
We are planning many initiatives other than concerts in various forms, such as a kids area for families.
Details will be announced at a later date, so please look forward to it!

For the past three years, it has become a daily routine to keep a distance from people, and I have avoided gathering with people.
“Camp” means a place where people gather, interact with people, and is open to all.
Office Augusta will hold “Augusta Camp 2023” with everyone who has overcome these three years together!



Ticket Pia

Lawson Ticket

Rakuten ticket

*The rear seat area and parent-child tickets are
We have reached the planned number, so we will only accept general seats.note that.

Eve ticket

Seat type/Price

(Electronic ticket / paper ticket selection system)

① Reserved seat
number limit 4
¥9,900 (tax included)
* Preschool children can view on the lap of their guardians.
If a preschooler needs a seat, please purchase a ticket separately from the accompanying guardian.
*With admission reference number
②Rear seat area
number limit 4
¥9,000 (tax included)
*With admission reference number
③ Parent-child ticket [rear seat area only]
number limit 2
¥15,000 (tax included) *1 parent and 1 elementary school student can enter with 1 parent-child ticket.
* Parent-child tickets are only sold at the time of advance reception for each ticket.
* We will check your ID at the time of admission, so
On the day of the event, parents should bring an insurance card that can confirm the age of the child.
*With admission reference number

《About the rear seat area》
The area will be reserved for those who have purchased a ticket for the rear seat area.

(with reference number, free in area)
One original sheet (50cm x 50cm) will be included as a bonus per person.

If you purchase a parent-child ticket, we will attach two tickets. (Original sheets will be distributed at the privilege reception on the day)
In the area, please use the original sheet distributed as a guide and give sukima to each other when viewing.
*Please refrain from taking too much sukima.
*Bringing in chairs is limited to chairs that can be folded and used in the original seat.
*Although it is possible to view while standing, please be careful not to disturb other people around you.
* Preschool children can view from the seat.
*Sales may be discontinued before the general sale as soon as the planned number is reached.
*The area behind the general reserved seats.

<Click here for information and precautions when visiting>

Contact Us

03-3405-9999 (月~土 12:00~13:00 / 16:00~19:00※日
(excluding weekdays and holidays)


Performance name: "Augusta Camp 2023 - SUKIMASWITCH 20th
Date and time: 2023 years 9 month 23 day (Saturday)
OPEN12:00 / START 14:00 / END 20:00 (planned)
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Park
Performer: Sukima switch,
Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Definition Okamoto (COIL), Yuko Araki, Chitose Moto, Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata, Yu Sakai, Youhei Hamabata, Pistol Takehara, Masaya Matsumuro


Performance name: "SUKIMASWITCH produce Augusta Camp 2023 Eve Festival"
Date and time: January 2023, 9 (Friday)
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00 / CLOSE 20:30 (planned)
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Park
Performer: Sukima Switch, Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Motohiro Hata, Fukumimi

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