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Held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sukima Switch
"Augusta Camp 2023" Live Blu-ray release scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sukima Switch's debut, the live performance of "Augusta Camp 2023 ~SUKIMASWITCH 9th Anniversary~" was held at Yokohama Red Brick Park on Saturday, September 23, 2023.


“Augusta Camp 2023 Film Concert ~powered by 360 Reality Audio~” will be held!

A realistic and powerful 2023D sound experience will be created with the sound source of the live footage of "Augusta Camp 360" mixed with XNUMX Reality Audio (Sanrokmal Reality Audio), which creates an immersive XNUMXD sound field.


Augusta Camp 2023 overseas distribution decided!

Augusta Camp 2023 overseas distribution decided! *Cannot be viewed from within Japan. Global Streaming available Augusta Camp 2023 ~SUKIMASWITCH […]


“Augusta Camp 2023 ~SUKIMASWITCH 20th Anniversary~” is now available on U-NEXT archive with all songs uncut!!

Since it is an unlimited viewing service, anyone who is a monthly member of U-NEXT can view it.Those during the free trial period can also watch at no additional charge.You can also watch it on TV, so please enjoy the high-quality live performance with high picture quality and high sound quality. […]


10/12 (Thursday) Nippon Television “Hirunandesu!” ” Sukima Switch will appear live!
A complete documentary on “Hirunandesu! Band” that appeared on the opening act of “Augusta Camp 2023” will also be broadcast!

  On October 10th (Thursday), the Nippon Television program “Hirunandesu! ” Sukima Switch will appear live in the studio! “Augusta Camp 12 ~SUKIMASWITCH 9th Anniversary […]


Augusta Camp 13 live report published in “Songs magazine vol.2023”!

  The Augusta Camp 10 live report will be published in Songs magazine vol.12, which will be released on October 13th! Songs magazine (Song […]


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