Augusta cafeteria

Food menu produced by the artist himself

*Augusta RestaurantWe recommend that all visitors bring their own chopsticks and cutlery.

Kyoko Produce

Turn on ketchup and mustard with one hand
Pakuri with one hand a cute bite of frankfurter.
An easy one-hand rendezvous menu for Kyoko between live performances♡
Comes with cheese sauce and special stickers!

"Chu♡" with one hand


★ original
Comes with a sticker!

Produced by Masayoshi Yamazaki

Yamazaki Masayoshi's menu of "Festival Teppan Combi", simple yaki-udon noodles with dried bonito and seaweed on a soy sauce base and super refreshing lemon sour that is not sweet.
Encouraged by Maa-chan's shouts of "Guests!" from the stage, craft papa's special food and alcohol will surely fill your stomach!

Ma-chan fried udon


Ma-chan Lemon Sour



Produced by Okamoto definition (COIL)

The color of “Sea and Jelly” is “ORANGE&BLUE”.
“Something soft has definitely touched.”
Orange jelly stands in the refreshing blue cider in hand.
Okamoto definition (COIL) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year!

Sea and jelly


Produced by Yuko Araki

This year's items picked up by Yuko Araki, the head of the coffee shop
"Bice" is a healthy soft drink made mainly from perilla extract and apple juice.
While refreshing with strong carbonic acid, you don't miss the sweet feeling with ice cream.
Enjoy the same pink vice cream soda as the MI-GU character.

Pure Cafe Araki's Vice Cream Soda


★ Pure Cafe Araki
with lunch flag

Original Chitose Produce

An unlikely miracle menu where you can enjoy the standard side dishes of the bento in one skewer.
Red octopus sausage sausage, omelet, and fried chicken "Top 3 most popular lunch box side dishes" and "Sea lettuce tempura" where you can feel the Amami breeze are dynamically made into one skewer!
Original Chitose's pinchos "Chitonchosu" is a dish that both adults and children love.



Sukima Switch Produced by Takuya Ohashi

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Ohashi family's beef bowl and Calpis shake are standard menu items that can be said to have established the position of "Augusta dining room tradition".
Takuya Ohashi, who has an uncompromising stance as well as sound creation, pursues the taste of the Ohashi family while sticking to "domestic beef" passionately this year as well.
We want you to enjoy the food to the fullest while shivering with the high-brow pricing that incorporates the social climate of rising prices!
3,000 yen is a bargain with the original bottle drink that can be taken home as a souvenir of O-Can!

Domestic beef even if it soars!Ohashi family beef bowl (damon)


Revive!Ohashi Family Calpis Shake


★With sticker
Original bottle!

Sukima Switch Produced by Shintaro Tokita

A food menu created by Shintaro Tokita, a food adventurer who loves local Nagoya food.
It is easy to eat, cut in two and provided with a special sticker.
The “Tokita Dashi”, which has vivid seaweed beads, is a flavor full of affection from clams and kelp.
Please enjoy a menu suitable for the 20th anniversary where you can feel the unchanging creative power and gentle feelings!

Hitsumabushi Salad Bread


It cameDashiOutjuice


★ With original sticker

Produced by Tomoyuki Nagasawa

An alcoholic drink in equal proportions of 1:1 red wine and ginger ale.
Tomoyuki Nagasawa's recipes are always accurate and precise.One-shot OK even at the tasting party!
A flashback blink that will take you indoors outdoors.




Produced by Motohiro Hata

This year's Hata food is Thai food "Pad Thai"!
He often eats it for lunch, so he pursues a more refreshing taste while valuing the standard.
Along with the menu name, a stable food menu that seems to be Motohiro Hata has appeared.
As a leader of the Yokohama sightseeing cheering team, he collaborated with the local “Yokohama Oritsuru Cider”.
We offer original label cider in a bottle.You can drink it at the venue, or you can buy it as a souvenir!

"Pad Thai Hat Thai"


Motohiro Hata, Leader of the Yokohama Tourism Cheering Squad
× Yokohama Oritsuru Cider
"Shuwa Shuwa Cider"


★ Makes a great souvenir!Original label cider bottle!

Yu Sakai Produce

Yu Sakai produces an alcoholic drink that mixes Shirahama farm "Konatsu-chan" in Tosashimizu with shochu with the theme of contributing to the local community.
A dish that feels the spirit of “Tosa no Igosso” with the best balance of Kochi's summer fruits, Konatsu's concentrated drink and alcohol.

Konatsu-chan, Hi!



Hamabata Yohei Produce

HEYCURRY by Yohei Hamabata, a curry seeker from Augusta.
The AC2023 special was highly praised at the tasting party as “nice!” and “delicious!”.
Yohei's special roast spiced keema curry is served with a fried egg, pink pepper, and parsley.I also like coriander!

HEYCURRY “Blackbird AC2023”


Takehara Pistol Produce

Sukima Switch is a little accented and named Sukima Sweetie.
Sweetie sake with a refreshing scent and gentle sweet and sour taste sounds like the music of Sukima Switch?
Takehara Pistol celebrates the synchronous anniversary with "Sukima Sweetie" mixed with beer! !

Celebration of sync!Sukima Sweetie



Produced by Masaya Matsumuro

Masaya Matsumuro devised a powerful alcoholic drink "dopamine de yuke."
A magical menu created from Korean shochu “Chamisul” and energy drinks.
TV Asahi drama "Roppongi Class" insert song "Yuke." Of course, non-stop brain playback ♪

Go with dopamine.



Produced by Fukumi

Arranged recipes and menus using Koikeya's Don Tacos Chili Tomato and Anytime Chuck Maple Corn with a Slight Butter Flavor, which were very popular at the tasting event.The combination of the crispy and light chip dough and the spicy nacho sauce is an irresistibly delicious dish! You can enjoy “Anytime Chuck Maple Corn Slight Butter Flavor” at Augusta Camp before it goes on sale nationwide on October 10nd (Monday)!

If you want Dontacos, then Donnachos!!


Artist recommended gourmet!! Maple corn nachos


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