10/12 (Thursday) Nippon Television “Hirunandesu!” ” Sukima Switch will appear live!
A complete documentary on “Hirunandesu! Band” that appeared on the opening act of “Augusta Camp 2023” will also be broadcast!

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10Month12Sunday (Thursday), Nippon Television series “Hirunandesu! ” Sukima Switch will appear live in the studio!

9/23Held on (Sat)Augusta Camp 2023 ~SUKIMA SWITCH 20th Anniversary ~ powered by 360 Reality Audio"To

A complete document that closely follows "Hirunandesu! Band", which appeared as the opening act.VTRAlso broadcast!


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Nippon TV "Hirunandesu! 』

10Month12Sun (Thursday)11:55~13:55 Live broadcast


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