Kids area

Augusta Kids Presents "Backstage Tour" will be held!
Let's go behind the scenes at the concert! !
Kids who are interested in the world of music are encouraged to apply.

Outline of the event
Date: September 2022, 25 (Sunday) 12:30-12:50

● Recruitment number: 20 people
 * If there are many applications, it will be a lottery.

● How to apply
➀Follow @augustakids
➁Please enter "the number of people who wish to participate and the age of children" in the comment field.

Application deadline: Sunday, September 2022, 9

●Application conditions
・Augusta Camp 2022 Children (or accompanying preschoolers) who have tickets to view the venue on the day
・Children from XNUMX years old to elementary school students
・Those who agree to use photos on the event's official SNS

・Only children can participate in the backstage tour.
 Parents must wait at the designated waiting area.
・On the day, we will disinfect and measure the temperature at the meeting place,
 If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, you will not be able to participate.
・Wearing a mask is required, including infants.
・We will contact the winners via DM for details.
・Please note that those whose profile is private will not be eligible to apply.
・Depending on the future infection situation and the policies of the government and local governments,
Please note that it may be changed or canceled.

A real campground appears at the Augusta Camp venue! ?
The shade of the trees will be a pleasant sukima,
Please stop by for a break with your child.

[KIDS AREA Produced by Augusta Kids]
The following services are planned in the kids area.

Business hours 12:00-19:30 (planned)

🎪Tent rental
We will prepare individual tents for diaper changing and breastfeeding.
*Please note that it will be a 30-minute shift system.
* We will disinfect and ventilate after each use.
Cooperation: LOGOS

🎧 Trial and sales corner of earmuffs for watching entertainment for children
Developed by Universal Music
You can try "Earmuffs for watching entertainment for children" and purchase it at the venue limited price.
If your child is worried about loud noises at their first live performance, please stop by!
* Please note that the number is limited.
Click here for product details
Cooperation: Wican

🥎Rental equipment
We rent out balls and jump ropes.
*Please use in the kids area.

We are planning to make a mask.

📺Equipped with monitor
You can see the state of the stage.

💧Water server available
We have installed a water server that can be used to make milk and baby food.
Enjoy carefully selected natural water.
Cooperation: Premium Water

If you have any other problems,
Please inquire at the KIDS AREA information.

・There is no childcare service, so please be sure to watch over your parents.
・This is a family-only area.
・Please note that admission may be restricted during times of congestion.
・Eating and drinking is allowed in designated areas in the area, but we ask for your cooperation in preventing infection.
・Depending on the future infection situation and the policies of the government and local governments,
Please note that it may be changed or canceled.