This year's Augusta dining room will be delivered in a slightly different way!

This year's "Augusta dining room" has a different style lineup than usual, and will be developed as "AUGUSTA DINING"!
Menus inspired by songs and artist images will be offered alongside FOOD and DRINK in the kitchen cars.
Which inspired menu can be enjoyed in which kitchen car?
Please enjoy the atmosphere of the lively venue with the addition of the Yokohama collaboration menu of local production for local consumption and the NISSIN FOODS kitchen car.

As a noteworthy menu of "AUGUSTA DINING", we have also decided to sell a luxurious nori valve "Augusta Nori Nori Bento" commemorating the 30th anniversary of the founding of Office Augusta.
In addition to the standard nori bento side dishes such as salted koji oven-baked chicken, salmon grilled with yuzu, chikuwa fried with isobe, soft-boiled egg, etc., there is also the image of Augusta's eldest son and daughter, "celery fried in olive oil" and "apricot". ” is the accent.
Comes with 2022 pieces of Augusta Camp 2 logo printed seaweed.

Please spend a relaxing time at "KISSA FUKUMIMI".
In addition to the familiar "Hata Cafe", "Jun Cafe Araki" and "HEY CURRY" from Augusta Crew's popular series will open real stores!
In addition to the menu of Yuko Araki and Yohei Hamabata, there is also a menu of anniversary artists Kyoko and Chitose Moto.

I hope you enjoy the new development of the Augusta dining room!

Augusta Camp 2022 food area map released!

Outside/inside "AUGUSTA DINING" & "KISSA FUKUMIMI" kitchen car map is open to the public.
Augusta Park (outside area) will open at 9:24 on 15/9 eve and 25:10 on XNUMX/XNUMX, so please enjoy the time before the live!

*People who do not have a ticket can also enter the outside area.

Please enjoy each taste at the venue.


Yamazaki Masayoshi <KITCHEN CAR: Cafe Habana Tokyo>
Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL) <KITCHEN CAR: Baran>
Tomoyuki Nagasawa <KITCHEN CAR: A.SU Asian Soup Kitchen>
Motohiro Hata <KITCHEN CAR: Okinawan Cuisine Ashibiuna>
Yu Saikai <KITCHEN CAR: MOCHIKO Chicken Factory>
Masamuro Matsumuro <KITCHEN CAR: Yakiniku Daikokuten>
Fortune ear <KITCHEN CAR: ice cornet>

<Inspired Menu / Illustration: Natsuki Sagara>


apricot<KITCHEN CAR: Jun Cafe Araki>
Araki Yuko<KITCHEN CAR: Jun Cafe Araki>
Original Chitose<KITCHEN CAR: HEY CURRY>
Hata Cafe<KITCHEN CAR: Hata Cafe>

"Augusta Nori Nori Bento" Recipe Released!

We will publish the recipe for "Augusta Nori Nori Bento" [2022 side dishes] so that everyone who enjoys Augusta Camp 7 can feel the atmosphere of the venue at home.We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you can enjoy the "luxury nori dialect" at home.Celebrate Augusta's anniversary with us!
<Recipe provided by: Workstore Tokyo Do>


Oven-baked Chicken Shio-koji

  • chicken thigh60g
  • Salt noodleSmall 1
  • Cooking sakeSmall 1
  • salta little
  • peppera little

Put the chicken thighs and seasonings in one bag and rub lightly.
2 Leave for 15 minutes.
3 Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 8 minutes, skin side down.
4 Flip the meat over and bake for another 8 minutes.

Yuan grilled salmon

  • salmon fillet (or white fish)1
  • dark soy sauceLarge 1
  • sweet sakeLarge 1
  • Cooking sakeLarge 1
  • Yuzu peel (fresh or dried)1 pieces of 2 cm square

Put salmon, seasoning, and yuzu in a bag.
2 Soak for 12 to 24 hours.
3 Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 8 minutes.
4 Turn over and bake for another 8 minutes.

Kinpira burdock

  • Burdock1
  • Ginseng1/3
  • sliced ​​hawk clawpreference
  • Soy sauce40cc
  • sweet sake20cc
  • sugarLarge 1.5
  • HondashiLarge 1
  • Salad oilAppropriate amount
  • Sesame OilLarge 1

1 Slice the burdock root and carrot.
2 Fry ① with salad oil.
3 When it becomes tender, add the seasonings and boil down.
4 Add sesame oil to finish.

Shirataki Mentai

  • Shiraki200g
  • Mentaiko40g
  • バ タ ー10g
  • Cooking sakeLarge 1
  • Salt and peppera little
  • White sesameAppropriate amount

1 Boil the shirataki once.
2 Fry the shirataki and mentaiko in butter.
3 Add cooking sake and salt and pepper and fry until the water is gone.
4 Sprinkle with white sesame seeds to finish.

Deep-fried Isobe of Chikuwa

  • Chikuwa1/2
  • FlourLarge 2
  • WedLarge 3
  • Blue seaweedLarge 1
  • oil(for frying)

1 Mix cake flour, water, and aonori in a bowl.
2 Fry in 170-180 degree oil.
3 Remove from the oil when slightly colored.

Seasoned soft-boiled egg

  • egg1 to 10
  • Wed600cc
  • sweet sake60cc
  • Soy sauce120cc
  • sugarLarge 2
  • HondashiLarge 1

1 Bring the eggs to room temperature.
2 Put water and seasonings in a pan and bring to a boil.
3 Boil a lot of water in a large pot.
4 Put eggs in a boiling place and boil for 6 minutes and 20 seconds.
5 Plunge into ice water and peel when cool.
6 Marinate eggs in ②. (12 hours or more)

Stir fried celery in olive oil

  • celery1
  • Olive oilLarge 1
  • Salt and peppera little

1 Cut the celery diagonally into 5mm widths.
2 Fry the celery in olive oil.
3 When the celery becomes translucent, season with salt and pepper.


When the 7 side dishes are ready, put the other rice and seaweed into a bowl.
Finally, add one apricot.
The orange color becomes the accent color, and the degree of visuals is greatly improved.


・Ice cornet × [Fukumimi]
・Pakuchian Diner
・ Yakiniku Daikokuten × [Masaya Matsumuro]
・Okinawa Cuisine Ashibiuna × [Motohiro Hata]
・MOCHIKO Chicken Factory × [Sakai Yu]
-Nissin Foods × [Sukima Switch]
・Baran × [Okamoto definition]
・A.SU Asian Soup Kitchen × [Tomoyuki Nagasawa]
・Cafe Habana Tokyo × [Masayoshi Yamazaki]
・DIG UP KITCHEN × [Takehara Pistol]
9月24日(土)15:00 - 20:00・9月25日(日)10:00 - 20:00 AUGUSTA PARKにて販売

・ Augusta Nori Nori Bento

9月24日(土)15:00-20:00/AUGUSTA PARK・9月25日(日)12:00 - 20:00/場内キッチンカーエリアにて販売


・Hata Cafe
・ Pure Cafe Araki / Kyoko 30th Anniversary
・HEY CURRY / Chitose Moto 20th Anniversary
9月24日(土)15:00 - 20:00・9月25日(日)10:00 - 20:00 KISSA FUKUMIMIにて販売

The opening of a kitchen car that offers menus using Yokohama ingredients has been decided!Enjoy local flavors!

Store openings(Store names in alphabetical order)

➀ Augusta Milk Farm / Frozen yogurt (680 yen) etc.

Made with plenty of safe, secure and fresh milk squeezed from healthy cows raised with love at Ryo Aizawa Ranch in Yokohama.
We sell gelato and yogurt that are rich yet have a refreshing aftertaste.

➁Kinarinowa / Cold miso soup with plenty of Yokohama vegetables (800 yen), etc.

Miso soup and chilled soup in a container like a bucket with plenty of locally produced and consumed vegetables,
We also serve Okinawan cuisine, which is gentle on the mind and body.

③Yokohama Beer / 2 types of barrel draft (M size: 600 yen), etc.

A local beer company that brews craft beer since 1999 in Yokohama, the birthplace of beer culture.

④ LACCI / various craft lassies (500 yen to 600 yen) etc.

Japan's first lassi specialty store was born from the desire of two university students in Yokohama to "deliver something truly authentic to the world."
It is a sweets drink with no added sugar, no additives, and gluten-free.

*We are planning to open a store on both the eve of the festival and the actual day.
*The location of each store will be announced at a later date.

Cooperation: Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau
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