Important Notice About Augusta Camp 2021

Thank you for always supporting Office Augusta and our artists.

We would like to inform you about the Augusta Camp 9 held on September 25th (March). 

As a result of careful consideration following the current spread of new coronavirus infection and the extension of the state of emergency
Unfortunately, the event was canceled by the audience at the Yokohama Red Brick Park special stage.
We have decided to hold it as a live broadcast without spectators from the indoor venue.

Everyone who bought the outdoor venue viewing ticket and was looking forward to it
I am terribly sorry.

Our staff, affiliated artists, and management staff who support Augusta Camp,
We have been preparing for the event with related companies, but we have decided that it is difficult to hold the event with spectators because it is difficult to provide the venue service and viewing environment that will satisfy all the visitors to the outdoor venue. rice field.

Due to the change from indoor venues to live broadcasts without spectators, customers who purchase outdoor venue viewing tickets (both electronic and paper) will receive a refund.
For details Click here for more information.
Refund period: From Tuesday, September 2021, 9 14:10 to Thursday, September 00, 2021 9:30

In addition, customers who have already purchased live tickets for live streaming,
And even if you purchase a new live live ticket due to the announcement of the cancellation of the audience performance, we will refund all the live live tickets currently on sale.
We will accept resale of distribution tickets from Saturday, September 9th.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

For details Click here for more information.

To create "Augusta Camp 2021" that fans can fully enjoy based on last year's experience
We, the Augusta Camp team, will continue to do our best for the day.
We would be very happy if you could watch the performance of each of the performing artists live.

Thank you for your understanding.

September 2021, 9 Office Augusta Co., Ltd.



Outline of the event

The venue held at Red Brick Park has been cancelled.Enjoy live streaming live.

Augusta Camp 2021
Official live distribution

Live distribution
Saturday, November 2021, 9 OPEN 25:13 / START 00:14
apricot,Yamazaki Masayoshi,Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL),Yuko Araki,Chitose Hajime,Sukima switch,Tomoyuki Nagasawa,Motohiro Hata,Yu Sakai,Yohei Hamabata,Takehara Pistol,Masamuro Matsumuro

Augusta Camp 2021 Nice Band
Guitar / Shinichiro Fukuda,Bass / Takeshi Taneda,Keyboard / Kiyohide Ura,Percussion / Yuko Takahashi,Drums / Yuko Araki / Hideo Yamaki
October 2021, 10 (Friday) 1:12 to October 00, 10 (Sunday) 3:23
* Please note that the content may differ from the live stream.



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