"Augusta Camp" started in 1999 as a solo outdoor concert by Masayoshi Yamazaki.
Thanks to everyone's support, we have been able to hold the one and only event where only one artist from one office will appear for over 1 years.

With the effects of the new coronavirus, the concerts are being canceled or postponed one after another, so I'm sure some of you are worried about holding Augusta Camp this year.
We have had a lot of discussions with all parties involved to ensure the health and safety of our customers, artists, and staff, and to ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.
Given that Augusta Camp is an event that is visited by many customers from all over the country, it will be held online for two days.

To those who have been looking forward to the real pleasure of sharing music in the same sukima, I am sorry that we cannot meet that expectation.
It's a different shape than usual, but I still want to share the same time through music. In addition to the collaboration unique to Augusta Camp, we will deliver a special time to enjoy each individual live performance.

In addition, we are planning various activities other than concerts in various forms, such as the "Augusta Canteen" where you can taste the menu that the artist invented every year and the kids service. We will announce the details later, so please look forward to it.

So that everyone can have a good time
All the artists and staff,
We will work together as one to prepare.
Augusta Camp 22nd year
Please look forward to new challenges.



Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Okamoto Definition (COIL), Yuko Araki, Chitose Moto, Sukima Switch, Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata, Yuu Saikai, Yohei Hamabata, Takehara Pistol, Masaya Matsumuro, DedachiKenta
Newcomer Act: FAITH (Saturday, September 9 only. Scheduled to appear from around 26:16)
Newcomer Act from Caroline International: Okayuka (9/27 (Sun) only. Scheduled to appear from around 15:20)

Augusta Camp 2020 Nice Band

Dr. Yuko Araki, G. Shinichiro Fukuda, B. Ken Taneda, Key, Kiyohide Ura, Per, Yuko Takahashi

On Day 1, the performing artists will deliver each song in a band.
A lottery for the serial numbered lucky ticket included in the first press of Blu-ray & DVD "Augusta Camp 2019 + SHORT FILM" Boku to Kimi "" will be held!

Dr. Genta Egawa, B. Kitaro Nakamura, Vn, Koichiro Muroya, Vn, Aya Ito, Va, Takahiro Enokido, Vc, Masami Horisawa

On Day2, please enjoy the live performance of the acoustic organization centered on the narration by the performing artists and the solo performance of Masayoshi Yamazaki, who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his debut.

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Augusta Camp 2020 # Day1
Date and Time2020 years 9 month 26 day (Saturday)
15:00 OPEN / 17:00 START

*From 15:00 on the day, you can use the group video call and comment function between viewers.

Archive release:
2020 year 9 month 29 day (Tue) 18: 00 ~
10/1 (Thu) 17:59

Augusta Camp 2020 # Day2
Date and Time2020 / 9 / 27 (sun)
14:00 OPEN / 16:00 START

*From 14:00 on the day, you can use the group video call and comment function between viewers.

Archive release:
2020 year 9 month 29 day (Tue) 18: 00 ~
10/1 (Thu) 17:59


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You can enjoy it with anyone anywhere, from the opening to the end like a real live concert.
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Augusta Camp 2020 # Day2
Date and Time2020 / 9 / 27 (sun)
15:30 OPEN / 16:00 START

*There will be no live live streaming on Saturday, September 9th #Day26.

Miruhako (Karaoke JOYSOUND)

"Miruhaco" supports the "new lifestyle" where you can enjoy live viewing and feature films from the venue in a viewing environment that you can not taste at home, making use of the strength of the karaoke box that is loud and high-quality. service.
We distribute various genres such as "music live", "voice actor/animation", "variety". We will provide you with realistic video and audio that will bring you closer to the artist.


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¥ 5,900 (tax included) Glass & coaster
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□ Fan club member precedence: Saturday, August 2020, 8 1:18 to Sunday, August 00 8:16
Reception ticket ①~③
□E-plus precedent: Monday, August 2020, 8 17:13 to Sunday, August 00 8:23
Reception ticket ①~③
□General release: Monday, August 2020, 8 24:10~
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□ Reception schedule: August 2020, 8 (Friday) 7:13 to August 00 (Wednesday) 8:26

*Free for children under 3 years old *Tickets will only be sold on September 9 (Sun) #Day27. *Please note that some of the video (CM, MV, etc.) during the opening hours cannot be viewed after 14:XNUMX. *One ticket is required for each person.


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